Sugar; Lose The Shoes! – it’s better for your brain!

Are you a barefoot fan?

The barefaced truth is that in our society there aren’t always convenient places and situations to be without footwear

However, once at home, it’s great to leave those shoes at the door!

There are very good reasons why we all should!!

A constant stream of important information is communicated between the body’s sensory organs and the brain.

Our SKIN is one of the 5 major sensory organs.

The feet and hands are abundant with sensory nerves. Science and athletes are looking at how running barefoot as part of training may improve performance for a runner.

From control studies undertaken; the results indicate that body biomechanics gain improvements through barefoot training!

The energy cost of running is reduced by about 4% ! Oxygen consumption is about 4.7% higher with shoes than without.

It’s understood that this is because the brain is receiving more sensory information from the feet about the environment - and can therefore modify the biomechanics of the body to streamline our efficiency!!This means that the bones, joints, tendons and ligaments, muscles, blood, nerves are all working together more accurately!

Hooray! The human body is amazing!

Check out the barefoot doctor, a book by Dr Daniel Howell PhD, additionally discover the research undertaken for training and running barefoot

If barefoot running can enhance energy efficiency, then how might Reflexology stimulate the many sensory nerves and nerve endings in the feet and hands to help YOU?!!

Want to find out if Reflexology can improve your communication connections?!

Book your REFLEXOLOGY SESSION here to see what benefits it brings to YOU!


HOST A REFLEXOLOGY TASTER SESSION at your place, INVITE A MINIMUM OF FOUR FRIENDS, and your 30 minute treatment will be FREE!!

New to the amazing benefits of reflexology and like to try a session?

Great if you want to try reflexology - or already LOVE reflexology and want your friends - to experience the relaxing, mood improving benefits of ENERGY, CLARITY and BALANCE that is experienced from a Reflexology Session?

A Taster Session is a great opportunity to experience reflexology! You can try one of the following: -

- Reflexology (hands or feet)

- Facial Reflexology

- VRT (Vertical Reflex Technique)

Click here to read what some of my clients say about their reflexology sessions.

To book a REFLEXOLOGY TASTER SESSION or a TREATMENT, please click here to take a look at the information on my Website.

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Click here to find our what some of my clients say about their reflexology sessions.

Reflexology and other complimentary alternative medicines are great for use as part of an overall health care plan. If you are suffering from illness it's good to first discuss your requirements with your GP or health specialist prior to commencing a course of Holistic Therapy


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