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For your Reflexology Treatment, these methods are available to try: -

- Traditional Reflexology

- Vertical Reflex Technique

- Facial Reflexology (Ziggie Bergman's award winning method attracts international celebrity interest!)

You may also find it helpful to read some of my Client Feedback. It's located on the 'News' page; discover how my clients experience their reflexology treatments with me

Following a reflexology treatment, or course of treatments, clients report improvements' that include: feeling more optimistic and energised, less out of balance within themselves, experience reduced anxiety and improved sense of calm, reduced brain fog, better focus, sinuses clear, sleep patterns improve, minor aches and pains reduce and in some instances disappear. Studies have also become interested in the cumulative effects of Reflexology, where positive feedback has shown that a sequence of sessions has very good benefits for wellbeing. 

If you are already engaged with holistic medicine, you'll know how transformative sessions can be. A holistic journey can help to discover where experiences in both your formative and recent years may have set up habits, blocks, and somatic conditions within the body. Often clients know that what they present to the world is at odds to what they sense to be the hidden truth of themselves. The therapist works in harmony with your body, to encourage resolution and release of unwanted feelings, so often that were not of your control, empowering you with understanding of the possible internal somatic connections, where and how they may be subtly influencing the balance of the body's communication systems. In gradually improving levels of energy and clarity, restoring balance, the sense of release can transform your perspective about yourself and your environment.


TRANQUILITY - 30 minutes

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* Availability for facial Reflexology only.

Just 30 minutes can make you can feel as if you've spent a day at the Spa, or away relaxing!

Try and add on of 15 minutes of facial reflexology when booking traditional reflexology

CLARITY - 50 minutes

In the days following, clients can experience a calm feeling and improved clarity

Please allow one hour 

Longer treatments?

Unfortunately, Covid restrictions recommend a maximum treatment time of 1 hour

Why Reflexology? 

In fight / flight mode, the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) works to put the body into high alert, when the danger, stress, or trauma has passed, the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) then returns the body to a resting state. In our hectic working lives, stressors and triggers mean that the body may find it difficult to switch off from high alert.  Reflexology's primary action is understood to be on the Autonomous Nervous System, particularly working with the PNS in encouraging the body to relax, and rebalance. Many clients say they feel more energised from regular treatments

What is Reflexology

Reflexology follows the same principles as acupressure and acupuncture in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Applying gentle pressure to reflex points on the feet, hands, or face, it is believed to subtly influence the body's ability to deeply relax and restore balance. Research has become interested in the cumulative effects of reflexology; where a course of frequent treatments seem to have a longer lasting effect. This has also been shown with practices such as mindfulness.

Please be advised that my comments are based on anecdotal feedback; everyone can have a different reaction, and each treatment takes its own experience. It seems consistent that, through my reflexology treatment and its impact on the central nervous system, the body is, in some way, encouraged to release/resolve emotions that are not, and were not, necessary for the body and mind.

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