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Pain Management

Dr Carol Samuel PhD clinical study has clearly demonstrated that Reflexology is good for reducing pain.

I’ve received positive feedback when an individual is able to receive reflexology treatment quite soon after the sprain event. It seems that their pain reduces a little quicker - in some instances disappears. The feedback is from a small group at this stage, so it will be interesting to see if the feedback is consistent in a broader context.

The Right Balance!

Indications also were, that the experience of movement and balance were enhanced following Reflexology sessions.

Interestingly, clients new to Reflexology, and without anticipation of how it would work for them, were reporting back with comment’s on improved sense of physicality and balance, core strength and stamina.

One client reported at the outset of treatment how the weaker side of their body meant that the opposite side ‘compensated’ and seemed more susceptible to injury.

Following Reflexology sessions the client advised they notice an improvement to that weaker side. It now felt stronger during sport. This also reduced anxiety about incurring injury during training and competing.

Raise a Hand

The neural receptors in our hands and feet are abundant. The exchange of information between them, the brain and different systems in the body is constant. Communication with our environment, internal and external, is amazing.

“I’m on it”, “I didn’t miss a trick” - we all like to feel all our senses to be optimised! Hand – Eye coordination is vital in many performance and sports activities in our lives.

In addition to reduction of any aches and pains, clients have reported the benefit of improved mobility and dexterity in the hands, following reflexology treatment applied directly to the hands.

The Right Movement

Do you feel that your nerve sensors are optimised?

How are you moving through your life?

Great balance and awareness are vital in performing well.

Lynne Booth who specialises in VRT Vertical Reflexology Therapy for football professional and other sports professionals based primarily in Bristol, also supports this idea. Lynn reports the following: -

“An interesting secondary aspect has emerged from the application of VRT and Foot Reflexology. Several athletes, tennis players and joggers have reported that, not only do they feel invigorated by a brief Reflexology session, but their feet feel physically better because they have had a very precise form of stimulation and massage over a period of 30-45 minutes. This fact is equally pertinent for all persons, as our feet are the key to our mobility.”

Lynne Booth

Reflexology and other complimentary alternative medicines are great for use as part of an overall health care plan. If you are suffering from illness it's good to first discuss your requirements with your GP or health specialist prior to commencing a course of Holistic Therapy


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